Janice  from Washington wrote:
"I have been looking on the internet for a survival kit for our family. I found your site and purchased 2 of the Deluxe 2 person kits. When they arrived at my house we opened the backpack and looked through all of the items. I am amazed at the quality of everything. The backpack is very nice and large. I put some personal items in the extra pocket of each pack. Thank you very much!"

Marc from New York City wrote:
"Thanks for the speedy service. My kits got here in just a few days. I will be back to purchase more soon".

Andrew from San Diego wrote:
“I feel better knowing that we are prepared. My parents live 50 miles from us and if I am not able to get to them after an earthquake, at least I know that they have enough supplies to get them through the first 3 days. Thank you!”

Erika from Los Angeles wrote:
“I can’t believe how easy it was. Your site is great! Thanks.”

Don from Vancouver wrote:
“I have been thinking about getting survival supplies together but didn’t know what to get. I read your disaster info pages on making a disaster plan and it was very helpful. I purchased a kit for myself and  I will be ordering some kits for the family for Christmas. Thank you.”

Wanda from Georgia wrote:
“I bought  the nutrition bars to add to my survival kits and have to tell you, I tried one and they taste great.  Hopefully I'll never need to use them!”

Laura from Florida wrote:
“I bought 10 of the Very Bright Squeeze Flashlights to give to my co-workers for the holidays. I tried one out and it sure gave off a lot of light! These things are fun!”

Patty from Carlsbad wrote:
“Interesting site. Lots of info. I bought the Essentials 1 person kit. The backpack is very nice and everything was packed so neatly. It got here quickly. All in all I am pleased.”