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Magnesium Fire Starter
Magnesium Fire Starter

Magnesium Fire Starter

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Magnesium Fire Starter

  • A must for every survival kit or to keep with your camping gear

  • Simply scrape off magnesium with a knife and ignite shavings

  • Uses magnesium, a flame source of 5400?F (2982?C)

  • Extreme heat will ignite even damp tinder (not wet)

  • Provides sufficient shavings to start hundreds of fires

  • Directions:

  • Simply pare off a small pile of magnesium shavings with a sharp knife

  • Gather twigs, leaves, paper, cotton,etc.

  • Hold the fire starter with the sparking insert up at about a 45 degree angle within 1 inch (2.5 cm) of the shavings

  • Scrap the length fo the starter using the back of the knife, creating sparks which will ignite the magnesium shavings

  • The magnesium shavings will burn rapidly and the extreme heat will ignite even damp (not wet) timber

  • Add additional fuel to fire as necessary

  • Magnesium is safe in solid form, do not pare shavings before they are needed

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