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Survival Ready Kit
Survival Ready Kit

Earthquake Survival Ready to Go Kit

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Our Ready to Go Kit has been designed to be a reliable choice as an affordable emergency kit. The PrepareMe America Ready to Go Kit is perfect for any type of disaster. 

If you need an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, power-out, or evacuation kit, the Ready to Go Kit will serve you well. Our kit is packed with enough essential items for two people. 

It contains: food, water, first-aid, shelter and lighting supplies. This kit stays on standby ready for the job. Store a kit in your auto, home, schools or office and be ready when and if a disaster strikes. 

Our kit is designed and assembled in the USA and contains parts made in the USA and internationally. We dare you to compare our kit with the Grab N Go kit offered by our competitor and you will see our kit is higher quality in the same price range. 

Our food and water is approved by 3 Coast Guards including the US. We have more pieces in our first aid kit, our light sticks are made in the USA with up to 12 hours of light and our N-95 masks are made for hospitals and pandemics which out preform the basic painter's dust masks found in the other kits. 

The PrepareMe America Ready to Go Kit contains: 

2 - 2400 Calorie food bars Made in the USA with a five-year shelf-life and are Coast Guard approved. 

12 - Pouches of emergency water Made in the USA with a five-year shelf-life and are Coast Guard approved.

2 - 12 Hour USA made Light Sticks

2- Emergency lightweight ponchos

2 - Mylar Blankets (same as space blankets) 

2 - N95 Niosh approved masks (unlike the other kits that have only dust masks) these masks are used and recommended by the CDC for the prevention of spreading the flu, germs, and contagious disease 

1 - 36 Piece First-Aid Kit 

1 - Emergency Whistle 

1 - Pack Pocket Tissues 

All Packed in a red sturdy backpack with enough room to put needed personal items such as shoes, glasses, medications or vital records. 

Don't be caught without a survival kit during a disaster. Your life may depend on it.

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