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Econo First Aid Kit
Econo First Aid Kit


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Bulk Econo Kits

Convenience: Small items are organized together in moisture resistant, resealable bags. Cases can be wall mounted. A contents list located in the lid assists in restocking supplies.

Versatility: Bulk Kit is designed to provide complete first aid protection in a wide variety of workplace situations and will serve up to 10 people.

Quality and Economy: Containing the highest quality fills with exceptional value.

Durability: Housed in a high-impact, lightweight polypropylene box featuring a weather proof gasket seal, positive catches, a combination handle/hanger and one piece construction with a living hinge. These kits are silk-screened with "First Aid" on the cover for quick identification.

#10 Bulk Econo First Aid Kit

Bulk kits are designed to meet the first aid needs of the workplace.

  • Comprehensive fill of exceptional quality
  • Convenient and versatile
  • Economically priced
  • Durable polypropylene box
Contents List
Qty Description
1 Adhesive Tape, 1/2" x 90" roll
3 Adhesive Bandages, LiteFlex 1" x 3"
3 Adhesive Bandages, LiteFlex Finger Tip
3 Adhesive Bandage, LiteFlex Knuckle
1 Cold Pack, HART, instant cold, 5" x 6"
3 First Aid and Burn Cream
1 First Aid Booklet
1 Forceps, plastic, disposable
3 Gauze Pads, HART, sterile, 3" x 3"
1 Gauze Roll, stretch, sterile, 2" x 4.1 yds
1 Gloves, nitrile, pair
1 Scissors, first aid kit type
3 Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 0.5gm
1 Triangular Bandage, muslin, with pins
3 Wound Wipes
Polypropylene Box Size: 8-1/2" x 5-3/8" x 3"

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