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Dynamo Flashlight Am/FM Radio
Dynamo Flashlight Am/FM Radio

Dynamo Flashlight & AM/FM/NOAA Radio

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A super bright 5 LED flashlight with a high quality AM/FM radio is a great companion for anyone who might be left in a dark. Take it with you on the car or in a pocket, it is a perfect emergency gadget you need.

It is built with a siren in the radio , at an emergency situation, this siren may save your life and call for help.

The radio is built with rechargeable batteries, you can charge it by cranking the generator, a high quality AC generator, or you can use an AC adaptor to charge it (The adaptor is not included, but the plug-in jack is there). If you have the cellphone tips , you can use this generator to charge your cellphone.( The tips are not included).

AM: 526.50 KHz- 1610KHz
FM: 87 MHz- 108 MHz
Sensitivity: FM<20 uV
Selectivity < 20dB
Input Jack: 5V Jack to charge the batteries
Output Jack: 6V jack to output the power to charge cellphones
LED Light: 5 Pieces
Light Control: 1 LED or 5 LED.

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