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Classroom School Lockdown Kit
Classroom School Lockdown Kit

Classroom Lockdown Kit

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1 Emergency Toilet/Honey Bucket (Port-A-Pottie) - is a crush resistant 5 gallon bucket and has a durable carrying handle with toilet seat and lid
1 Toilet Paper Roll  

1 T-5 Port-A-Potty Chemicals
6 BioHazard Bag-Toilet Waste Bags
3 Datrex 2400 - Calorie Food Bar2400 Calorie Food Bars - Datrex food bars provide essential energy and nutrition in emergency situations and are an excellent addition to any emergency preparedness supply. These survival food bars taste great. These individually packaged and portioned rations will last 5 years and are great in 72-hour kits, for your home, school, vehicle or office.
30 Water Pouches - 125 ml (4.227 oz.) Pouch
Purified water for immediate use. Superior packaging materials for optimum durability. Easy to dispense from a premeasured pouches Lightweight and extremely compactLoss potential minimized due to individual pouches approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and Canadian Coast Guard and exceeds their specifications. The pouches can withstand 600 pounds of pressure per square inch Pouches can be frozen and used as "cold packs." Has a five year shelf-life is five years Date of manufacture is stamped on each package.
1 5 in 1 Survival Whistle - This high intensity whistle is much louder than a human whistle. Use it to whistle for help in an emergency or when you are lost. Whistle comes with these survival features: whistle, compass, waterproof match storage and signal mirror. This whistle is light weight and easy to carry.
1 4 in 1 Dynamo Flashlight Radio - Never needs batteries gets power by winding, 1 Minute winding powers the flashlight for up to 90 minutes, AM/FM Radio with Antenna, Bright White LEDs, Siren for emergencies to attract attention without having to yell. Use when trapped or lost it will aid in your rescue , Charges Cell Phones (comes with one adaptor, fits some but not all cell phones)
2 Green Light Stick - Last for a full 12 hours, Indispensable for instant light after a disaster or during a power failure, Light sticks are waterproof, do not need batteries, are inexpensive, and are disposable. They are used as light sources and light markers by military forces, campers, and recreational divers doing night diving. Light sticks are considered the only safe light source immediately following an earthquake, due to the fact that they do not use any kind of electricity to work, and there is no danger of sparking. Because they do not have batteries or contain electrified filaments like normal flashlights. They are safe for use in explosive environments. 

1 10 yard Duct Tape - Quick fix for many emergency situations. Recommended by the Office of Homeland Security.  

1 8 x 10 Tarp - Emergency Cover and Protection. Many uses. Can be used as ground cover for tents, covering holes in roofs or to block wind, light or rain.
1 Box of 100 BZK - Individually packaged Anti-Bacterial Wipes. Benzalkonium Chloride (1:250) Alcohol free - will not sting!

10 Vinyl Gloves Each
1 Pogo Pry Bar - Used to shut off natural gas, pry open doors or windows.
1 First-Aid Kit - Soft Pack, in a rugged, convenient nylon bag - The soft pack first aid kit contains an extensive supply of first aid items and is packet in a convenient nylon pouch that can be attached to a belt. Comprehensive, full of exceptional quality.
10 Emergency Ponchos - Lightweight easy to use  

10 Mylar Blanket - Retains 90% of your body heat. Complete thermal protection from rain or snow. Can be used as ground cover. Excellent for outdoor emergencies when warmth or shelter is needed or in your home when the power goes out and there is no heat.
8 Pocket Tissue - Convenient packs 

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