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We are out of N95 masks, kits will not contain mask until further notice. 

At our number one goal is saving lives through preparedness. The thought of something "disastrous" happening scares us all. However, the reality is, there is a chance that each of us could be involved in some kind of disaster or emergency. Services such as water, electric, gas, and telephone may be cut off.  In the event of a large disaster, emergency personnel may be overwhelmed by those in need of immediate medical or rescue attention, and may be unable to assist you. 

 Having a survival kit and preparedness supplies for earthquakes and other disasters is essential. We recommend having a kit anywhere you spend time, such as your home, auto, school or work. 
Emergency preparedness experts at Survival Kits Online have designed survival kits that contain the most reliable emergency food, watersheltercommunicationlighting, and sanitation supplies available so they are ready when and where you need those most. Don't wait until it's too late, get prepared to survive today!

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